How to Give a Testimonial

Thank you for your willingness to provide an endorsement or testimonial for me, these prompts should make it super-easy for you to write specific comments.

A testimonial/recommendation is exactly what helps me keep building my business and allows me to make a larger and impact in the world, all thanks to you.


Follow the 5 Steps by answering those questions as a good guideline on how to give me a really good testimonial!


Use can use your phone, laptop or any other device to record a video of yourself. Don't worry about being awkward, we are all terribly awkward our first few times on video. 


I recommend you do this at a quiet place and a place with a well lit background. Doing it in natural lighting is usually best. Video doesn't have to be long, about 2-3 minutes is good enough. I suggest you just go with the flow and not script it. Thanks!

Here's What to Say:


Say Who You Are, Tell a Story about What you do, your background and your interest in real estate investing.


Tell a quick story of How Things were in life (when it comes to real estate investing) and your specific situation BEFORE working with me.


Tell a Quick Story or Talk about Your Experience DURING our Time Working Together


What Do you Feel Are Some of the Most Valuable Things that I Bring to The Table?


A Quick Sentence or a Few Wrapping up Why You Recommending Someone Work with Me


Email me the video at [email protected]

Some Solid Examples