How to Buy Real Estate with Little Money for the First Time

How You Can Buy Real Estate With Little Money for the First Time Ever.

So chances are you are a beginner. You want to start investing in real estate. You have little to no money, but you want to invest now. How do you invest?

Well, lets breakdown the problem before I give you the solution.

See buying a house costs money. How much money? Enough to pay for the downpayment and closing costs for the home.

Lets say hypothetically you have all the money you needed to buy the investment property, if you only had money, but didn’t know how to invest properly, you would also not be able to invest because you need knowledge or experience.

So the formula for being able to buy a house is money times experience.

But you still don’t any money and you are a beginner so how do you get to the house you want?

See we all have time. Everyday we are all given 24 hours in the day.

Every day, our glass is full of time.

Lets pretend you are a normal ass human being and aren’t Gary Vee, so you sleep for 8 hours a night.

Now you are left with 16 hours a day. Every second of those 16 hours is worth something. With the 16 hours you can trade time for money by getting a job that pays you money and saving some of it to invest in a house.

The second way you can spend it as a beginner is by educating yourself which converts to experience. You can read books, listen to podcasts or best of them all watch my videos and use my software.

But theres also a third way you can use your time. We are going to bucket this as: all the dumb ass shit you do. Now, before all you haters attack me in the comment section, I am not talking about spending quality time with friends and family a little bit everyday, or going to the grocery story, or doing your laundry. I am talking about the insane amount of time we millennials spend on the internet. Binge watching shows on Netflix, scrolling through instagram, swiping left and right on tinder.

A study was done in February 2019 that showed that people ages 18-34 spent on average 9 hours and 15 minutes a day using some type of media (tv, radio, internet) and 211 minutes a day went to apps on our smart phone. That’s 3 hours and 31 minutes on apps. How do you plan on buying an investment property if you are always focused on seeing everyone else’s lives?

If you took half of that for a year. And you had an hour and 40 minutes of fully focused learning about real estate investing (I am talking reading, seeing properties, analyzing deals), you would have all the experience and knowledge you need to invest. Now if you saved part of your income for that year, you would probably have enough to invest in that area.

Lets take a 25 year old who makes 40K a year. Lets say you save aggressively. You save 20% of your pre tax income. You save 8K for the entire year. At the end of the year, you spend 1 hour and 40 minutes learning every day. You raked up 36500 minutes of learning. At that point you should know everything you need to get started in investing (as investing will teach you things you couldn’t learn sitting on the sidelines.) With 8K you can buy a home with 3.5% of up to 100K. And like that you have house hacked your way into an investment property.

What if you are someone who works more hours and has less time to chill and learn. Well lets say you only have 30 minutes fully focused a day to learn and analyze deals, but you earn 60K a year. You save 12K which is 20% of your pre tax income. You have learned for about 182 hours and have enough money to invest in a home with a FHA loan for 3.5% down at 180K.

Now, what if you live in an expensive market? If you live in an expensive market, you tend to make more money. Let’s say you make 80K. You save 16K which is good to get started with an FHA loan at 200K. And you have gained experience along the way.

Every single person is handed the amount of time in a day to make more money with a second job, or to learn about real estate investing for free. You just need to make sure you use the time for it. Get off your apps and into the properties. Analyzing deals.

If you want a google form that gives you exactly what you need to do for your situation (given experience time and money), you can use it here (or at the bottom of this page).

Let’s break down each problem.

If you have no money, but need money, you can:

- Spend time to find a cheaper market to invest in

- Spend time finding deals that allow you to get no money down (through seller financing)

- Spend time networking to find a partner with money

- Spend time to make more money through a second job or a side hustle.

Now if you have no experience you can:

- Spend time reading books, watching my videos

- Going to see properties and driving around the areas you want to invest in

- Analyzing deals

- Going to meetups and meeting an investor who would coach you. If you want me to coach you go to this link here for a free session:

Let’s get some of that education and experience going right now:

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