Stocks or Rental Property: Which is the BEST just FOR YOU?

Stock Market?


Rental Property?

By the end of this post you will know exactly which investment is for you.

Here at Investarters, we help beginner real estate investors buy their first home with clear actionable advice and free software tools with every video. Before I bought my first investment property, I always had this question. So I decided to answer this in a different way than before.

Here are 7 questions to ask yourself to finally figure out if you should invest in rental properties or the stock market. I created a form you could follow along with that will give you a personal answer emailed straight to you.

Have you had a stable source of income for the past two years?

If you answered yes: then great it will be easier for you to qualify for a mortgage. The mortgage will help you buy a home.

If you answered no: you will either need to find someone who can partner with you and get a loan or invest in the stock market.

Do you make over $84, 201 a year?

If you answered yes: you are getting taxed at 24 on your income. You will probably love all the tax breaks real estate investors get. This might be a good idea for you.

If you answered no: This just means you would not benefit from the tax breaks as much, but you could still easily take advantage of it.

Are you good at networking and meeting the right people?

If you answered yes: Real estate investing will take you meeting new people all the time to help you find deals, get financing and getting quality people to help with your investments like lawyers, accountants and contractors.

If you answered no: and are not good at networking, you can just download Robinhood, and start buying a stock and never have to talk to anyone again...

Do you have at least 20K to invest?

If you answered yes: In some of the cheaper markets in the US, you can buy a home with only 20K down.

If you answered no: Without at least 20K it will be hard to find much for your first investment. You would either need to partner with someone for the money, or just invest in stocks.

I am investing because:

I hate my job or working for someone else and I want to be out of my job, on my own fast!

So I can have a comfortable retirement because I enjoy what I do and my job.

If you answered that you want to be out of your job: Welcome to the club. 70% of people hate their job. Real estate provides a path to most people who hate their jobs to leave within 5-15 years depending on how aggressive you are (well… I guess that really comes into how much you actually hate your job).

If you answered you like your job: Investing in the stock market would be more for you, just keep saving, investing and the stocks will give you enough money for retirement.

Would you rather:

Accept good returns from your investment for zero work just holding

Work more hours and receive higher than average returns from your investment

If you answered you want 0 work and good returns: the stock market is for you. Again just download Robinhood, make love to....I mean buy a stock and your are good.

If you answered that you are ok with putting in extra work hours: Then rental property investing is for you. You will get rewarded for the extra hours if you do your math right over the long term.

In terms of cashing out my investment I:

Want to be able to get my money right away when I sell it

Am ok with waiting a few months before getting money for selling it

If you answered you don’t mind waiting: Real estate investments can take a few months to get rid of, you need to list it, people need to see it, make offers and then once one is accepted you need to make sure the buyer has financing. Yeah they need at least a few months before the money is there.

If you answered wanting your money now: With the stock market, just pull out your phone, bust open Robinhood and watch it all come at you.

If you follow along through the form, you will get an answer sent straight to you with free explanations of your answers. If you need help to buy your first property you can book a free call with me to get some help:

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