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Dear Fellow Investor, 

What would your life be like if you could quit your job, travel the world, be collecting passive income, have the freedom to do what you want, when you want, and never have to worry about money again?


Chances are, you are like me and grew up hearing: “Oh that guy from work started buying houses and renting them out and now he quit his job and he's a millionaire.”


So, after hearing about this from your parent’s friends and others, you realized that you also want to invest in real estate too and get some of the money, this way you can quit your job, travel the world and start collecting passive income.


Now, like any normal human being who does not know something, you head over to the internet looking for something to learn about this, so you came across the BiggerPockets Podcast.  Listening to it got you super motivated hearing all the success stories of investors who now have over 100 units in the first 5 years of them investing.


This makes you go over to BiggerPockets to sign up to join the forum, read the posts, do more research,  and watch some YouTube Videos about investing. This is all because you want to make sure you know everything you can before you embark on this journey.


You read a few books and you are learning so much. At the end of every book, at the end of every podcast you feel motivated but you each one is leaving you more and more overwhelmed.


You have learned so much that you actually don’t know what to do first...and that feels overwhelming and confuses you.  Because you feel like you don’t know the step by step process, you pick up another book, watch another video or listen to another podcast, searching for the answer to show up somewhere!


You want to get started already, but you are scared and worried.  You have been saving all this money for months, sometimes even years and you don’t even know where to begin with it. 


What happens if you lose thousands of dollars in your first property because you made a mistake? If you try and figure this out by trial and error, you can lose tons of money and screw up your credit, but not only that, you can seem like a failure to everyone you know. This thought alone adds to that scary feeling deep down inside you, preventing you from getting started.


It becomes this cycle of feeling like you know enough, but still completely unsure what to do first or next.


This is what I call analysis paralysis, and I get you, because I was there too.


There’s too much information out there on real estate investing and it would be so much simpler if there was a clear step by step plan for you to get started given your situation.


And if you get on the call with me I will give you exactly that. We will work through what you know, what you have done, what your current situation is and come up with a plan to get your first investment property cash flowing and eliminate all the overwhelm so you can be clear on how you will get your first, second, third…... units all the way to financial freedom!


That’s what we are all after anyway right? You want to be the owner who is collecting the checks, not the person who has to write them to someone else every month!


Getting to relax, hangout, spend time with people we love and to work on the things we are passionate about, not cooped up at a job we don’t like, being forced to be stuck in one location all the time and having to answer to a boss.


Maybe you want to feel confident about your financial situation and never having to worry about money for yourself and your entire family.  Maybe it's the freedom of no job, of not being stuck in one location, or being in full control of your time and life.

How This Works...

1) We’ll Create a Clear Vision and Set Your Goals for Your Real Estate Investments

  • We will work together to get 100% clear on what your ultimate end goal is with real estate investing and the life you are looking to live.  Having this clarity will set you up for success by making you confident about your financial future.

  • You will have me as a guide to walk you through how to set accurate goals in real estate, ones that you can actually achieve and measure out exactly how much passive income you will be making and in what time frame.

  • Then we will dive deep and really understand why you are investing to begin with.  We will pull out the core reasons why which will get you to have motivation to keep building wealth over the upcoming years.


2) We’ll Do a Real Estate Investment Assessment

  • We are going to be going deep asking you questions about what you have been doing thus far and the areas you specifically need help with.

  • After understanding more about your situation, we will pinpoint 1-3 exact action steps you can take following the call so you can go out and buy your first investment property

  • You haven’t invested because you are not sure what to do and by the end of this call you will have guidance from an experienced investor and will know exactly what the highest leverage thing for you to do next is.


 Once that is done, things can go one of two ways:


  • The first option is you will take that step-by-step plan and go ahead and take action on it on your own.  In that case, I wish you the best with your success moving forward towards financial freedom.


  • The other option is that you are excited about the plan and the help you have received, but you prefer to have me guide you the entire way through to implement each step, then I will talk to you about joining the Real Estate Investing Step by Step Mentoring Program.


I have helped hundreds of beginners by giving them their own clear step by step action plans to get started, each one of them suffering from the same thing you are: an overload of information, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, just wanting to get started in real estate investing, to stop waiting on the side lines.


You will come out of this with clarity, a simple plan you can take action on, a clear vision of where you are going and why you are doing it. 


One beginner I had a conversation with, was looking to house hack his way to his first property, we went over his situation, and we realized he was about to put an offer in on a property that would have lost him $10,212 dollars in the first year. 


What you need to do is take everything you learned and start applying the right things that get you a cash flowing property. This way you can start collecting the passive income you have been dreaming about.


Then you can repeat the process for your second, third, fourth … 100th property! This way you can get freedom over your time and control over your financial future!


You have likely started to realize that each book, each podcast does not help you any more, you know you need to take action but you just are not sure on what to do! This is exactly what our plan will help you do.

So...Why Do I Do This for Free?

By now you are probably thinking, if this is so “amazing” then why would I give it and my time away for free? I have two reasons:


First off, I love it.  I truly actually enjoy talking about helping beginners buy their first investment property.  It is what I do best and it makes me really happy and fulfilled to see someone take the advice I offered them to start building passive income.


Second, I do this because I get clients for my mentoring program this way. 


Here’s how that works: 


Let’s assume you are happy with what we discussed and really loved the way I broke down the information for you and gave you exactly what you needed to do. You will probably want to continue to work together throughout the entire process of buying your first investment property. 


If that is the case, I might invite you to become a mentee in my mentoring program. 


My “fee” is $997 per month… but if you really think about it, it does not “cost” you much if anything.




I 100% expect you to make all your money back within the first year or two because you would have purchased your first cash flowing property.


My first triplex cash flowed $1,300 a month when I purchased it, that’s not including any appreciation you will get or tax benefits.


Actually I can give you the exact action steps that will lead you to making that in our first call -for free!


So you’ll see the value by the time we end our call - without ever spending a penny.


And look, if you don’t want to become a mentee, don’t even sweat it. You won’t get any sales pitch or pressure from me of any kind, ever.


In fact, here’s my No Bullshit Guarantee to you:

This is NOT a "Sales Pitch in Disguise."

Actually it's the opposite.


You will get no pressure whatsoever to come work with me because I let the value of my free advice during our coaching session speak for itself.


The clarity of exactly what to do next with specific actions to take will be a game changer and transform you into the real estate investor you have been dreaming of being.


I guarantee it.  But anyone could say they “guarantee it” right?


And that’s exactly why I am willing to make you this promise: 


I’ll Give You $50.00 If You Don’t Like It


If you feel like our call was a waste of our time and you did not get any value at all from our coaching session, I will immediately give you $50 to pay you for the time we spent together.


There’s NO “Hidden Charges” or “Fine Print” here. NO B.S.


The truth is, you’ll get an exact action steps for free on what you need to be doing right now to get your first investment property that you can start acting on today…


After that, you might want to continue working together, or not.


I will not pressure you either way.


Since I am making this offer for the first time right now and don’t know how intense the response will be… I can only do a total of 15 coaching sessions a month.


(I can’t take that many because of the degree of personalized work involved here.)

But - This is NOT for Everyone.

I only have enough time for a few of these meetings a month, so I would not wait to book your appointment, but there’s some strict (but totally reasonable) things I am looking for that MUST be met in order to qualify.


Here is what I am looking for:


1. ) You have at least one income source right now (a job, a business) OR You have a cash partner that is has explicitly stated they are willing to invest with you


  • I would love to work with everyone, but unfortunately investing in real estate takes money whether it's yours or someone else’s. I love it when I help someone who has the money to invest because they can actually go out and make the change. 


2.) You have tried to learn about real estate investing before (podcasts, audio books, books, YouTube videos, online research)


  • AKA you know the basics about how real estate investing works.  You are familiar with some of the terms. You don’t need to be a walking dictionary, but at least know what cash flow is.


3.) You are open to learning and being mentored even if things are uncomfortable at first


  • I want to see you succeed and I am giving you advice that I honestly think will help.  If you are not willing to take my advice and apply it, then what’s even the point?


Here’s What I Won’t Deal With:


1.)People who want to get rich with real estate tomorrow


  • It's great to want to be aggressive in real estate investing (I will be pushing you to be aggressive with your goals), but there is a huge difference between being aggressive and getting rich quick. 


2.) People who waste my time or don’t plan on showing up


  • I take this seriously and if I am going to be spending my time on this, you should be taking it even more seriously.

Here's What to Do Next, to Get Your FREE Coaching Session and Investment Action Plan

Ok, if after all this, you still think you are someone who I can help and you are ready to stop being overwhelmed and ready to take some action to buy your first investment property then here’s how you can book some time with me.


If you are interested in learning more and want to schedule a FREE Strategy Coaching session, just fill out the form below to get started:

P.S. Due to the amazing value of this private session and the hands-on-nature, I expect the spots to fill up quickly. Let’s get you that first investment property!


Antonio Cucciniello

The Beginner's Mentor For Investing in Real Estate Confidently