How to Buy Your First Investment Property for Beginners Step by Step

Don't Know where to start?

You have probably heard about people that are rich because they bought a house and rented it out.  You know that real estate investing is a good investment that offers great returns if you do it right. But you just don’t know where to start. 


Real estate investing can be really overwhelming to someone that has not done it before. There’s so many options of what to buy, how to buy, where to buy, so many strategies that work and don’t all at the same time.  On top of that, you work so hard at your 9-5, you have your life savings for the past few years on the line to make this investment actually work. What if it doesn’t? So you end up not doing anything at all, drowning yourself in another book or podcast hoping that will have the answer to your problem...

That was me too...


Let me tell you how I got into this space. I was 22 years old, I started my day at my job as a software developer.  I was so excited.  At the end of my first day, I left saying to myself.  This will not be me forever. I wanted a way out.  I liked having control and freedom of my time and my life and having a job as a software developer does not allow that.  But like most people in their young 20s, I wanted out, but was just enjoying myself on the weekends by going out with friends having a few drinks. I would tell them all about how I wanted to invest in real estate one day but I never did.


Throughout this time, I started reading and learning about real estate investing, first starting with Brandon Turner’s book on rental property investing. This got me all excited! I would go on Zillow look at properties and fantasize about making rental income while I sleep.  But like most beginners, I just did not know where to start. I was overwhelmed with all the information in the books, podcasts and youtube videos.  Buying an investment property seemed so scary because I was going to put all my money in one house, my entire savings and bet it on one house, to make sure it makes me money.  What if I screw up? Then I would really be screwed. I wanted to have the confidence to buy something that I knew would make me money, I just didn’t know how.


After 4 years of learning, and telling people I was saving and waiting for a market turn, I got an email from my landlord of my apartment. They tried to raise the rents on me 15%!!!! I was furious, I was already paying too much money to rent in Manhattan and was fed up.  That was my breaking point. I was determined to come up with a system where I felt 100% confident that a property was going to make me money, with a step by step plan to get me to that first investment property.  Because that investment property was more than a house, it was a symbol that I am on the right path, the path to financial freedom, confidently. I had to come up with a clear step by step formula to get people to invest because all these books, forum posts and podcasts, DON’T MAKE IT CLEAR!!!


After digesting all the information and going through the process myself, I was able to come up with an easy step by step process to follow to buy your first investment property and have it cash flow from the beginning! I bought it all excited, and was confident that I was going to be making money from this one.  I applied it again on my next property a few months later, even during the coronavirus outbreak where everything was going bad. Then I started partnering with friends and helping them get their investment property. I have helped clients in bigger pockets to get their first investment property as well using my system. What are you waiting for?

You are close, you just need some guidance..

  • I offer a 4 Week Class where you get support from me. We will meet once a week, go over exactly what you need to do next and teach you the skills, principles and knowledge you need to get to buy that first investment property.
  • Week 1: We will cover all the basics of real estate investing and help you get crystal clear on your strategy 
  • Week 2: We will teach you how to pick a location to invest in based on actual data, so you pick the best place based on your strategy!
  • Week 3: We will take a look at your finances and find places where we can get you more money to invest while also covering the entire home buying process. 

  • Week 4: We will go over exactly how to analyze deals and calculate cash flow.  We will go over how to make deals that make you money and how to make offers.

But I want personal help...

My goal is to get your first investment property and to feel 100% confident about getting it. That is why I am throwing in lifetime 1 on 1 messaging access to me!


I will give you my personal phone number that you can text at any time, even after the 4 weeks to ask me any question related to your first deal.


I see this as us working together in collaboration to help you get your first deal.

What if I didn't like the class or the 1 on 1 help?

Then you can ask for a 100% cash back refund.  No questions asked. You can get your money back after going through the entire class if you didn't like it.

The reason why I have this in there is because I know I can help you. I have worked with many coaches and never had one of them offer any guarantees, that made me feel unsafe like they were trying to just sell me and wouldn't want to help.  

I am here to help you.  If you are unsatisfied, then you can get your money back until the last day of the class.

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